This interactive lighting installation consists of 33 illuminated geometrical objects placed in such a way as to create words Light – Dark visible to the visitor on the sides of the installation.  

Two points representing positions from which the visitor is able to clearly read the written words inside the painted frame are placed within the installation. The combination of lighting objects enables at a moment the illumination of the word Light in the white while and of the word Dark in black on the other i.e. black word is recognized as a black shape or silhouette. After that, the light passes on to another word, which changes the reflection of light and shadow in both words. This is an indoor installation made of fibreglass of 10×10 size and 3 m height.

Apart from its interesting design and scattered objects, this installation is envisaged as a mirror of chaos, which, from a certain point of view, becomes harmony. The installation provokes and raises awareness of great movements caused by actual refugees and migrants’ crisis and of how world media shape the point of view of people, a point of view possible to change with one move in order to see things from “other perspective”. The installation suggests that there are two sides of each story – the good one and the bad one.

Artist: Marko Bolković

Production: Visualia Group