Magic Garden is designed as a lighting installation shaping an alliance between natural beauty and technology of light and sound. This interactive installation represents a magic garden of plants and lighting mushrooms brought to life by activation of the control sensor. The combination of audiovisual effect is simply astonishing.

The natural habitats such as plants and stones provided inspiration for designing prevalently mushroom-shaped forms made of silicone resin and LED lamp. The design is supported by consoles on which a green garden and mushroom plantation is placed as well as by other separated control consoles i.e. a sensor which activates the installation by hand movement. It also enables light and sound management of the installation. The installation itself is thus transformed in a living organism offering numerous audiovisual combinations and true experience of nature. The visitor is allowed to combine himself/herself the colours of the “magic garden” and to enjoy in the harmony of his/her own creativity.

Software: Nikola Miletić

Hardware: Zoran Licul

Production: Visualia Group, Jelena Starčić


Residence of Light and Music is an interactive and amusing installation representing a fusion between music and light. The installation is designed as a selection of musical instruments that can be played in an entertaining manner. The installation is specific due to its focus on developing skills and capabilities hidden in each and every one of us. The visitor creates his/her own combination of tones while experimentation with musical instruments activates sound and lighting effects.

This entertaining installation consists of three light music benches containing pre-selectable sounds of various instruments. Benches are made of fibreglass with built-in speakers and LED lights. A simple tap on the bench surface activates sound and light. The combination of light and music responds to orders received by the visitor’s tap on the bench surface, which are then transmitted via the microcontroller. This installation enables visitors to create their own combination of melody and light while the Bluetooth connection enables them to also play their favourite song.

Design: Danilo Vujisić

Idea & Concept: Igor Vasiljev, Marko Bolković

Audio Software: Marko Bolković

Light Software: Saša Idrizov, Mia Petrić, Linda Markušić

Hardware: Zoran Licul

Production: Visualia Group


Wishing Well is an interactive lighting installation representing a water fountain that is activated by the tossing of a coin in the water after which, in a sort of gratitude, the fountain creates an audiovisual experience. An intimate atmosphere supports lighting interaction while the musical background, sound of water and lighting design influence the overall impression having positive effects, especially on children. The installation is also humanitarian in nature as Visualia Festival was regularly involved in such actions during the entire festival.

The installation is designed as follows: a visitor approaches the fountain and with his/her movement activates a sensor. The sensor then activates a microcontroller giving a signal for playing a music theme and switching on the lights i.e. creating a light show.  

Idea & concept: Marko Bolković, Igor Vasiljev

Production: Visualia Group

Sound: Igor Malić

Light: Visualia Group


An interactive and lighting installation that brings a tree to life. This entertaining installation suggests that man is a part of nature and that it is important to raise awareness in this harmony when it comes to the preservation of natural habitats and nature in general. The installation consists of a tree which, when hugged, comes to life, expresses its gratitude with a voice message and creates light and music show. It reacts by means of sensors activated once the tree is hugged. The sensors transmit a signal, which breathes life into the tree and makes the tree express its gratitude with a voice message and light show.

Idea & Concept: Marko Bolković

Technical production: Manuel Ćulibrk

Programmers: Linda Markušić, Mia Petrić, Saša Idrizov  

Technical assistance: Ivan Bolković

Production: Visualia Group


Designed as a giant live postcard and located like a projection screen that lets you create and duplicate different projections like animations, imaginative characters, tourist locations, and other situations where visitors participate and become part of a fictional world.

It is a makeshift wall of Lycra with six slots for the heads of visitors. Animated characters animate visitors by interacting.

Animations show the card can be the product of students Vj & Mapping educational workshops or may be thematically determined and made by professional animators from Visualia Group collectives – Pula artists Undertoon’s.

Idea: Marko Bolković
Animation: Saša Đuračić – Undertoon
Production: VisuaLab – Multimedia Education and Development Platform


Interactive light installation in the form of two bicycles set apart from each other. The installation has competitive character and in front of two participants, during the contest, the light roof
made of metal construction with built-in LED strips with a total of 2.880 LEDs. Each competitor
represents one colour and pedalling gradually turns the roof effect on. The first competitor who reaches the goal (peak) will cover the entire roof with “its own” colour and after that, the light show will occur.

Idea: Marko Bolković

Hardware: Zoran Licul

Light software: Mia Petrić

Production: Visualia Group


Attractive children light installation Rainbow Slide in the shape of Attractive children’s light installation Rainbow Slide in the form of children’s slides high almost 2m which changes colour. It is made of fibreglass and reinforced with iron construction.

Idea: Marko Bolković

Design: Danilo Vujisić

Software: Zoran Licul

Production: Visualia Group


AQUADVENTURE is a video game that was premiered at Visualia festival 2018 in the form of video mapping on the facade of the building of the Regional office of the Tax Administration in Pula.
” AQUADVENTURE ” is a video game inspired by the ecology and work of local Aquarium Pula and
their Department for the Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles. (The Sea Turtle Recovery Center is the only centre of this species in Croatia. It works within the “Aquarium Pula” and the association “Marine Education Center Pula” and cares for the injured sea turtles from all over the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea.) Video game is based on the famous video game Pacman from the ’80s and because that it awakes the feeling of nostalgia and euphoria in the circle of experienced “early” gamers while the youngsters are delighted with the retro vibe that it has. “Aquadventure” was designed and technically realized by the Visualia Group, underlined by Undertoon for visual solution, design and animation of characters and other elements while, for programming, all credits goes to Edi Crnković.

Ideja: Marko Bolković

Dizajn: Danilo Vujisić

Animacija: Saša Đuračić – Undertoon

Software: Edi Crnović

Hardware: Zoran Licul

Produkcija: Visualia Group