As a new artistic form, mapping relies on the development of new technologies that enable projection on almost every surface, object or person. The goal is to transform static surfaces into an interactive, distorted 3D display and, by projecting complex 3D structures, colours, objects, animations and music, achieve an effect that will impact viewers’ perception and experience.

To achieve this, one needs a special and expensive software while higher quality and conceptual projections require up to four months of everyday creative work.

The first public video mapping was held in Pula on March 20, 2013, announcing the first edition of Visualia Festival held in August of the same year. The domestic audience was introduced for the first time to the concept and meaning of 3D video mapping, but also to the beauty of audiovisual art. The projection 3D Mapping Forum was realized at our own expenses, all thanks to the enthusiasm and will of experts and volunteers. The following companies helped us realized the projections: ARA Electronic, AudioLab, LENS Media, Prahin INC., Cine Project and NEC company. The City of Pula and other partners and sponsors supported the project.

3D Mapping Forum is the work of an artist Jean Sambolec.

Meanwhile, Festival has started cooperation with local 3D artists and video animators to present out several works of Mapping videos in different locations.


Jean Sambolec

A 3D artist with long-term experience in 3D visualisation, design and animation and longtime member of Association Sonitus. He discovered digital art and his passion for graphic design in the nineties and decided to be actively engaged in 3D visualisation, 3D modelling, animation, electronic music and sound effects and he rediscovered photography. He created by himself more than 70 smaller projects and more than 20 3D animation works, some of them for the Pula Film Festival. He won the first prize for the concept “Mobile Phones of the Future” of the Croatian designer portal Mi3dot. In 2014, with his fourth mapping called Transiency, he participated in the project “Multimedia and Interactive Technologies for Promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage” in Spanish Girona and won the first prize. His second 3D work named Phaneron 11, an abstract story of geometry in space and time produced in black and white technique was created for the first Visualia Festival in 2013. A year after he presented out another 3D Mapping video named Traveller 13 – designed in collaboration with Ania Ladavac for Visualia Festival 2014. It follows the structure of Pula’s Cathedral bell-tower.


Saša Đuračić a.k.a Undertoon – Podzemlje

His animation journey started in 2007 primarily as a hobby, but already in 2009, he founded Undertoon – his own independent production of animated films that produced many short black comedy animated films. In 2010, he made his first music video for the song Nelson of the bend Hesus Attor from Rijeka, Croatia. Immediately after that, job orders came pouring in from Croatia but also from other countries. Since then, he makes animated music videos for domestic and international performers. He is also engaged in making of animated adds for various campaigns, events and commercial purposes. His video has been presented out in Pula (Visualia Festival), Novigrad (Lunasa Party), Motovun (Veli Jože Days), Umag (Christmas Mapping), Zagreb (White Nights), Japan (Minatopika 1 Minute Projection Mapping).

His two works Mappingtoon and D-Stroy were presented out on a third and fourth edition of Visualia Festival.

Mappingtoon is a video mapping that uses elements of surrealism and travels through various space dimensions, while D-Stroy follows the super-hero D-Stroy who travels through various dimension to protect Earth from alien harm.


Nenad Kraljić – VACUUM studio

He has been professionally involved in 3D visualisations and animation for more than ten years. Currently, he is more engaged in the development of visualisation in architecture and interior design, but occasionally he creates video projects that combine 3D, animation and motion graphics. A special effect and 3D animation enthusiast with a degree in industrial design. Already in high school, he started showing interest in software and creation of his own 3D art while, during his student years, he brought his 3D passion to professional levels. He has been active in Pula, Croatia, since 2008 when he founded his own VACUUM Studio.



Visually attractive sequences in line with current technical possibilities in the field of 3D animation. This mapping represents a colourful cacophony of image and sound that, although without the pre-set thematic line, offers a set of visual stimulations attracting attention from sequence to sequence with an element of surprise. Themes are many and varied, from references to SF blockbusters and abstract visual themes to antique roots of the projection venue.