Visualia Group is an informal artistic association that has been active since 2013 as a part of the Sonitus Association. This creative collective gathers programmers, lighting designers and multimedia artists and currently has approximately ten members organized in groups according to specific tasks.

Led by ideas and passion for new technologies, the group performs technological experiments and designs lighting installations on a regular basis. The quality of artistic works, as well as the need for self-affirmation, encourages international cooperation and partnerships that foster artists to exhibit their works in other international festivals of light. Moreover, the artists of the Visualia Group present their works regularly at Visualia Festival, but also at other cultural events held in Pula and beyond. Their work is a combination of modern technology and visual art and is being shown through 3D mapping, lighting design, interactive and LED installation and similar.

The manager and coordinator of the collective is Marko Bolković while members and artists are Jean Sambolec, Zoran Licul, Mia Petrić, Igor Vasiljev, Daniel Horvat, Iva Milaković, Manuel Ćulibrk, Igor Malić, Linda Markušić, Nikola Miletić and other associated members.

International achievements and awards of Visualia Group works are the results of regular international guest performances on European and worldwide festivals of light and new technologies. The international project Spectrum 2016 – Transnational Light as well as the cooperation with partner festivals of light made possible the exchange of artists and presentation of their works.

The interactive installation Magic Garden achieved great success and has been exhibited up to now at European festivals Bella Skyway (Torun, Poland) and Lumina Festival (Cascais, Portugal) as well as in the French town Feyzin within the frame of the festival Fête des Lumières in Lyon, one of the oldest and most important festivals of light worldwide. Moreover, as a part of the festival Svetlobna Gverila (Ljubljana, Slovenia) a workshop for children entitled Magic Mushroom was also organized.

Apart from lighting installation, 3D Mapping projection hailed as a major success. The projection entitled Transcendence by Jean Sambolec participated at the international Mapping Festival in Girona while the 3D projection entitled Why Not by Undertoon – artist from Pula – entered the finals of the competition 1 Minute Projection Mapping 2016 in Japan. Of 79 submitted works from 25 countries, Why Not was projected, along with other finalists, at their Festival Minatopika 2016.