Visualia Festival is a cultural event and a regular part of a year-long cultural programme designed and implemented by Sonitus Association.

Innovation made possible by new technologies translates into worldwide known trends, a highly appreciated product on the world markets. Thanks to technology, new ideas are being born and with it the need to prove oneself in society. In such circumstances, the union of members of Sonitus Association and local artists was created, whose common goals aim at audiovisual art and works that incorporate light, sound and video. Led by the fact that there is no such similar festival in Croatia, the Association came up with the idea to organize the festival of light named Visualia Festival, which, already from its first year (2013.), won good results and positive comments.

Festival started its tradition with a sustainable presentation of modern works in the field of audiovisual art the goal of which is to cancel the borders between historical and modern achievements and to present the results of such fusion through different frameworks that will offer unforgettable memories, emotions and new experience to visitors.

Visualia’s potential and success resulted in cooperation and partnership with Tourism Office Pula, Archaeological Museum of Istria and Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria as well as with other associations and organization at a local and international level. In such way, the Festival strengthened its business strategy it adheres to even today.

Visualia’s programme consists of goals focused on investment and research of new media and modern technology by organising events, educations and other activities, a creation of its own artistic production based on research results and distribution, which serves to promote audiovisual, visual and performative arts and create new cultural trends.




Marko Bolković was born in 1985. In Pula, he attended elementary and electrical engineering vocational school while, in 2007, he graduated from Creative Media Institute (SAE) in Ljubljana with a degree in sound engineering. He developed his interest for audiovisual art as a teenager: at the age of thirteen, he became a member of Dr INAT theatre group where he worked as Lighting and Sound Assistant. He had his first professional engagement as a lighting designer in 2000 in Passage – a theatre performance that achieved great success and received many awards. In the same period, he worked as a Lighting Director in a theatre performance in Zagreb, while in 2001 he was offered a first international engagement for a performance in Monaco where he worked as a Lighting and Sound Director. This indeed made him, at sixteen, the youngest lighting designer in Croatia. As a Chief Lighting Designer, he further contributed to Dr INAT’s Theatre performance Circles and dance shows Blue Friday which was performed in 25 countries worldwide. At the same time, he became an external associate for Istrian National Theatre of Pula working as an Assistant Lighting Designer.



His credits as a Sound and Lighting Designer include more than 100 performances and around 40 concerts, dozens of music videos and films. He designed and was responsible for 50 interior and exterior lighting designs and lighting performances at various festivals and events. In some of them, he was also engaged as a Chief Technical Manager. He combines his love of music with the activities in Partyzan studio and cooperation with Sound Engineer Ivo Lorencin and a well-known producer Edi Cukerić. Today, as a co-owner, he uses the studio primarily for educational purposes, workshops and other projects.

At the end of 2008, he founded the Sonitus Association for audiovisual art, the creation of free workshops and lectures for young people interested in audiovisual arts, new technologies, sound and light design. In 2013, he started his own project Visualia Festival, the first festival of light, new technologies and audiovisual arts in Croatia that won him favour with numerous festival audience. Apart from the festival, he is also managing and is actively involved in the work of Visualia Group – a creative collective of artists working on 3D mappings and lighting and interactive installations.

Marko currently works as a president of Sonitus Association, Artistic Director and Main Organizer of Visualia Festival. Furthermore, he also runs a creative collective of artists and members of Visualia Group. These are mainly his primary activities as he is also engaged in many other new media and theatre festivals working as a Technical Manager. He is also the author of numerous installations and works and is a well-known artist at festivals in Croatia and Europe. He is married and has two daughters.