THE SWITCH project

The Switch project was realized as a part of Pula + 2020 – European Capital of Culture campaign and the final competition for this prestigious title. The extraordinary lighting installation was presented on a building in front of numerous visitors gathered in the part of Pula called Veruda.

The idea and concept of this unique and original installation realized with analogue light came from Marko Bolković, artist and Director of Visualia Festival. Unlike 3D mapping which is projected on buildings and requires expensive equipment and technology, The Switch project required more involvement from people engaged from all sides. It was about giant cooperation, organizer’s efforts, consent of tenants and engagement of numerous volunteers who jointly faced the challenges of analogue technology.



By switching on and off the lights in the building at the King Tomislav Square, words and numbers “PULA+2020” were written and a Tetris game was played afterwards on the building’s façade, a legendary computer game of all generations that inspired the very authors of the installation. By switching on and off the lights in flats, shapes were created on windows that were falling down imitating the game. In this way, the fascinating and precisely conceived idea was implemented receiving a great reception from numerous audience members.

This attractive installation is a result and proof of quality and innovation that can be implemented in everyday circumstances even without the help of new technologies. Project authors are VisuaLab/EduSplash production and attendees of the Multimedia Platform for Education and Development, Visualia Group and Visualia Festival. Moreover, the cooperation and involvement of tenants were of extreme importance: it is thanks to them that we were able to realize such an entertaining project.  

Artist: Marko Bolković, Visualia Festival and Visualia Group Director

Video: MedVid Production, Pula

Sound: Marko Grbac Knapić – “M.G.K.”

Production: VisuaLab/EduSplash – Multimedia Platform for Education and Development




The largest torchlit image formed by people

The third edition of Visualia Festival will be remembered, in particular, for breaking the world record officially acknowledged on July 23, 2015. The event was held as a part of the third evening programme on May 9 the same year.

Arena Light Postcard is the name of the event, which broke the world record in the category “the largest human torchlit image” and entered The Guinness Book of Records with such name. The official record states there were 4,013 participants standing in the Roman Amphitheatre Arena in Pula holding their LED lamps.  The sign they formed, visible from the air, was Pula + Istria.


The project was very demanding in terms of effort, will and organization. It required participation from numerous festival visitors, tourists and volunteers. On the other hand, it was about togetherness and unity and therefore most credit goes to participants. 97 volunteers took part in the organization and project was supported and organized in cooperation with Archaeological Museum of Istria, Tourism Office Pula and Sonitus Association.