Open Call 4 Artists – closed


In order to encourage artistic activity and creative new media production within contemporary art and culture at the local, national and international level, the Association Sonitus, as the founder and main organizer of the Visualia Festival, invites all artists and art organizations to submit their artworks for the presentation within the artistic program of the 7th edition of the Visualia Festival.


About Visualia festival

Visualia is the very first festival of light and new media in Croatia, organized by the Association Sonitus and the Tourism Office Pula, together with the co-organizers the Archaeological Museum of Istria and the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. It was founded in 2013 and today it takes a lot of pride in becoming one of the major cultural events in Pula and Istria, with over 15,000 visitors during its three-day duration period.

You’re welcome to find out more info about Visualia festival on its official FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM pages!


Visualia festival 2019 – 7th festival edition

Date: from 19/09 to 21/09/2019
Place: Pula/Istria/Croatia
Zone: about 13 locations in the city center, along the old town core
Slogan: “A Different Kind of Innovation”


On 04/03/2019, Sonitus announced:

— OPEN CALL to artists and art organizations for submission of their artistic proposals for participation within the artistic program of the 7th edition of the Visualia Festival – festival of light and new media —


Application Deadline: 31/03/2019 until 21:00 h
Application Categories: A-category: 2D/3D VIDEO MAPPING



3 Steps: How To Apply?

1. Carefully read the Application Guide

The Guide provides practical information on how to apply, which documentation is to be submitted, and it answers all the questions related to the tendering process which arose within the Open Call to artists and artistic organizations to suggest their artistic proposals and include their own artworks in the official artistic program of the 7th edition of the Visualia Festival. Application is divided in two categories (A-category: 2D/3D video mapping and B-category: light installations), and its due date is on 31/03/2019.

2. 2. Ask any questions you might have about the Open Call by sending it to:

All general information about the Open Call is provided by Sonitus; all the applicants will receive the answer to the email address from which the question was addressed, as soon as possible.

3. Fill out the Application Form electronically and send it to the following e-mail address:


Application Form includes information about the applicant, Descriptive section and Budget section and it can be downloaded below under Download Documents paragraph in English an/or Croatian. The application is submitted in electronic form only.

Once the information about the applicant is completed, one selects the Application Category and proceeds onto the Descriptive and Budget sections (Budget section is requested for B-category applicants only). After the verification of all data entry, one attaches required mandatory documentation according to the selected Application Category and submits the completed application to: with the following title: OPEN CALL 2019 – application (name of the applicant).

Application Deadline: 31.03.2019., 21:00h


Who Can Apply?

The Call is open to every individual and any form of legal entity, applying independently or in the form of (non)formal art collective, who actively operates and creates in the field of new media culture and light art.



Open Call announcement: 04/03/2019
Application deadline: 31/03/2019
Application evaluation & artwork selection period: 04/2019
Results announcement: until 01/05/2019
Cooperation agreements: until 01/06/2019
Visualia Festival 2019 / presentation of the selected artworks: 19/09-21/09/2019 (Pula, Croatia)


Documentation List

Mandatory documentation for a valid application, regardless of the selected application category:

  • Electronically filled out Application Form (available for download below)
  • Art Portfolio of the applicant in electronic form


Mandatory attachments according to selected category:

  • For A-category applications (2D/3D video mapping), it’s mandatory to submit 2-5 representative pre-visualizations of the video mapping
  • For B-category applications (light installations), it’s mandatory to submit 2-5 representative photos of the proposed artwork (for existing artworks) or 2-5 representative installation pre-visualizations (for new installations).

Download Documents


GDPR Notice

All applicants and their partners submitting the application, give their consent to the Association Sonitus to collect and process the personal data specified in the application, for funding purposes of the artworks selected to be presented on the seventh festival edition in 2019. Applicants consent that Sonitus may use their personal data with the purpose of making payments to their account, for contacting and correspondence, semi-annual and annual Activity Report submissions, and for those reports to be published on online platforms owned by Sonitus if necessary. Filing the application also implies that applicants are familiar with their rights and the ways their personal data is being dealt with.