The largest torchlit image formed by people

The third edition of Visualia Festival will be remembered, in particular, for breaking the world record officially acknowledged on July 23, 2015. The event was held as a part of the third evening programme on May 9 the same year.

Arena Light Postcard is the name of the event, which broke the world record in the category “the largest human torchlit image” and entered The Guinness Book of Records with such name. The official record states there were 4,013 participants standing in the Roman Amphitheatre Arena in Pula holding their LED lamps.  The sign they formed, visible from the air, was Pula + Istria.


The project was very demanding in terms of effort, will and organization. It required participation from numerous festival visitors, tourists and volunteers. On the other hand, it was about togetherness and unity and therefore most credit goes to participants. 97 volunteers took part in the organization and project was supported and organized in cooperation with Archaeological Museum of Istria, Tourism Office Pula and Sonitus Association.



During this event, which made Pula enter history, a light postcard was created and shown around the globe. Members of the Sonitus Associations, as well as the organizers of the festival of light, were awarded with Coat of Arms of Pula Award in recognition and gratitude for the realization of Pula + Visualia Light Postcard project.




RSVP Event Festival is the only regional festival specialized in events which also functions as an educational platform for numerous domestic and international event management experts. The Festival organizes numerous lectures, round tables and workshops aimed at educating and specializing of professionals in the field of marketing, public relations, sales and digital solutions. The programme is held under the high patronage of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia.



At RSVP Festival, apart from professional lectures, the awarding ceremony of Attend Awards for the most creative events in the current year also takes place. Attend Awards for best events are honoured under eight main categories including the Honorary Award for Year’s Best Event. The task of selecting the winners is reserved for a five-member International Jury consisting of professionals from the event, marketing, advertising and PR sector plus one associate member and representative of an Honorary Attend Award for Year’s Best Event.

Visualia Festival has won twice the Attend Award; first one in the category Best Cultural Event and second, an Honorary Award, in the category Best Event of 2016. From 102 reported events, the International Jury named the Festival of Light from Pula the best festival in Croatia for its innovation, creativity and performance. Moreover, according to the organizer’s rules the president and representative of the Sonitus Association, Marko Bolković, will join the International Jury next year.



The Istrian County Tourist Board at the end of each year proudly presents and rewards the winners who have been nominated for the awards and acknowledgements of Golden Goat – Capra d’Oro whose ultimate result is an exceptional tourist product full of new, always different, attractive tourist stories.


They were awarded in categories: Events, consisting of four subcategories: culture, sport, entertainment and attractions; Innovative Products, Tourism Products, Visual Communication and awards to individuals. Vision Festival, in 2018, was awarded the “Golden Goat – Capra d’Oro” category within the category of “EVENTS / ENTERTAINMENT”.