Association Sonitus

Sonitus was founded in 2008 to promote music and audiovisual art. During the first 5-year period its main focus was on music education, production and presentation.
The president of the Association Marko Bolković, who is also an audiovisual artist and a light designer, initiated the focus change in 2012; he wanted to combine all his passions into a single artwork. He gathered new media enthusiasts who welcomed and supported new orientation on audiovisual art with light art as a priority. The common interest combined with the passion for new media and modern technologies resulted in the creation of Visualia Group – an unformal artistic collective who produces artworks for Sonitus and, in 2013, the very first festival of light in Croatia – Visualia festival. Parallel, Sonitus started actively working on free of charge educational workshops for everyone interested in such form of creative expression. With the aim of bringing together audiovisual enthusiasts and later the idea of establishing VisuaLab/EduSplash – Multimedia Platform for Education and Development in cooperation with Seasplash Association was born in 2015.

Numerous formal and informal partnerships, as well as active networking in terms of cooperation at the local, national and international level, tell much about the openness of the association to changes and to new solutions that will meet new requirements of the independent cultural scene at the required level of quality. Such an approach to business leads to development and development is the cornerstone of the Sonitus Association’s business philosophy.

Main goals of the Association are to:

  • promote audiovisual, visual and performative arts and explore new media by means of actions, events, educations and other activities in Pula area,
  • educate, guide and develop knowledge, skills, creative capabilities and potential of children, young people and citizens in the field of audiovisual, visual and performative arts,
  • guide and encourage creativity, independent creative work and artistic self – expression in children, young people and citizens,
  • promote acquired artistic capabilities of children, young people and citizens through public presentations,
  • faster collectivism and development of civil society and local community through cooperation and partnerships by implementing our projects also by involving
    volunteers in action and project implementations
  • foster development of international partnerships and friendships through networking and international professional partnerships and researchers,
  • educate about and promote audiovisual technical activities and foster innovation creativity and creative work of children and young people in a technical culture.

Statute of the association

Financial report